Alliance and Sponsorship Guidance

We are waiting for partnerships and sponsorship from individuals and other
organizations or companies. Join us on the challenge of improving the environment.
That's how the donations go.

That's how the donations go.

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    Development and distribution of contents of 'Mr.Booo'
    environment campaign

    We develop ICT contents such as apps, games, animations, emoticons,
    and SNS so that information related to the environment can be more
    easily known to many people.

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    Creation of environmental scholarship

    Along with Dream Spon, a social enterprise that supports young people's
    dreams, we continue our environmental campaign by spreading environ-
    mental messages and creating environmental scholarships to partici-
    pate in environmental protection activities.

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    Product Production & Collaboration Using Environmentally
    Friendly Materials

    We produce products using eco-friendly materials to spread messages of
    environmental protection and promote practice in our daily lives.
    We work with products or brands that are appropriate for environmental
    protection to provide products that can contribute to environmental pro-

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